Old Spice Original Paket

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Old Spice Original Paket

Old Spice Original Shower Gel 
Man has come up with his best ideas in the shower. If only man had showered more, we&rsquod have hover boards, an escalator to space and a mind-controlled television. This Original Old Spice scented body wash is designed to invigorate the mind and cleanse the body. It gives your masculine brain confidence to invent spray self-esteem. So take a long and thoughtful shower, and bring humanity one step closer to a gas-powered toothbrush. Because cool men are confident men with seductive cortex.


Old Spice Original High Endurance Deodorant 
Welcome to a home filled with deer heads, huge fireplaces, unpublished manuscripts and gold-plated hot tubs. Here every guy is a handsome guy with an inborn good taste in tobacco leaves, women and gifts for dads. Old Spice Original envelops you in a clean, manly scent that has served mankind and men style for decades. And it fights odor all day, turning your armpit house into an armpit home. It even makes your woman want to smell like a man, so that she could enjoy the fresh fragrance even when you&rsquore not around. Decimates odor-causing bacteria without remorse. You cannot download it from the Internet &ndash you have to buy it!


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