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The Natural Grooming Co. Sensitive Shave Cream


The Natural Grooming Co. Sensitive Shave Cream
They have removed all parabens and added more organic ingredients to create products that help you care for your skin....naturally 

This carefully formulated Sensitive Shave Cream will soften the bristles on your face for a closer shave at the same time as reducing razor nicks caused by razor dragging.  Formulated with organic extracts of Chamomile & Aloe Vera enriched to sooth and help reduce razor burn 

Prepare your skin with the Natural Grooming Face Wash and Face Scrub. Shave with any of the Moisturising or Sensitive Shaving Gels, Creams or Oil, then maintain with the Post Shave Balm or the Advanced SPF 15 Moisturiser all available on line here


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