Oh no!

What’s this? This isn’t how your favorite beauty destination is supposed to look!? It’s supposed to be filled with products, discounts, vouchers and all kinds of WONDERFUL things!?

We are of course VERY sorry that you aren’t able to access our website at the moment. This might be caused by a million different things, but we choose to believe it’s because of a lot of traffic on the site due to all our amazing offers and campaigns! Anyway. We know that it isn’t working right now, and we are working HARD to fix the problem! We promise!

Hang in there! We’ll be up and running again soon!

Things you can do while you wait:

  1. Sing a song. Suggestions: Dilba - I’m sorry. Rihanna - Stay. Destiny’s Child - Survivor.
  2. Try out a new voice. Think of a sentence, and say it in the voice of some of your favorite cartoon or movie characters. Which is the funniest?
  3. Grab the nearest book. Look up page 62. Find row 16. Which is the third word from the right? Think about that word for a while.
  4. Solve a political problem
  5. Grab pen and paper. Draw a self portrait.
  6. Try to update the website, it is probably fixed now! If not, start over from step 1.

Best regards, Lyko